“Election” Party!

Election Day for the United States of America has always been a hard day for me. We are told by EVERYONE that we should vote, vote because our votes count, vote for change, vote this person in because this other person sucks, blah blah blah…

In reality, there will be a winner and MANY losers no matter who your candidate is. No matter what “Party” you feel the need to back because of your upbringing or other influences throughout your life; no matter the candidate for your respective “Party”; there will be one single winner.

In my eyes, that winner is personal EGO.

Our country is split so far apart when it comes to politics, religion, race, equality, etc. that it’s so hard for me to make a decision that I feel is right for our country. I am by no means a perfect human being. WE ALL have faults and make mistakes… as I said we are “ALL HUMANS”.

Americans egos’ are at stake with this “Event” that happens every four years. One person will feel that they were right all along while others will just begin sulking or preparing for 2020. One person will claim shoulda, woulda, coulda… I will again, try to understand all sides and sit in my stew of confusion over our political movements.

The winning side will make no significant changes within his or her tenure as President that no other President of the United States of America hasn’t had a hand in. Four years is barely enough time to purchase a car in this country. Politics is a subject that I always try to ignore/avoid when it comes to my inner circle of friends or even acquaintances I have made over the years… I don’t even like talking politics with my family! Talking politics usually ends up with someone having ill will towards another person. I’m right, you’re wrong and hardly ever a true compromise.

Now to my conundrum…

So, if I vote for this “cat turd” or this “pile of dog poo”, how does this make my country great again? If I vote an independent or some third party write in, that vote basically just gets brushed aside because the two main “Parties” in our country are overwhelmingly going to crush that other “Party” not labelled red or blue. How can I feel that my vote really counts when we are told who to vote for by a “Party” that does not fully understand every individual within our great country? This election process felt dirty (and in actuality, they always end up feeling dirty).

Why is our country so divided and unwilling to make a change in our political system. I do not claim to know what is right or have a solution; I am simply stating that I think our current system is a joke and will continue to confuse me as long as there is never a real threat to make a change.

I believe in our country and I believe in our people AND I will as always support whomever is elected as our President of the United States of America. Thanks for reading this over and I hope my beliefs are not offensive nor would cause you to lose respect or lose a friendship over a “Party”. As always, I will hold my political opinion on who to vote for to myself… or what the heck… just write me in and we can figure it out together LOL.


Also noted… I see this quite often during elections… if someone decides not to vote, that is their right as a human being. It is not REQUIRED and we should not make them feel less of a person for choosing not to vote.

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