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Welcome to my latest post (yeah I know… it’s been a while since the last musing). As many of you are aware, there are always changes that creators have to deal with when filming and editing content for YouTube.

We have had our channel, ErikTV365, online since July 1st, 2010 when I decided to venture into the world of family vlogging, following in the footsteps of Shay Carl and Charles Trippy (not really a “family vlogger” but a daily vlogger for sure and world record holder now). I had motivation, excitement, and a plan to go daily for one solid year which in turn morphed into 8 years of daily vlogging, capturing so many moments for our family to look back on. The highs and lows of being in front of a camera were more than worth it personally up until it became a chore, a job.

A job that changes frequently albeit the algorithm, the business behind the channel, or the family and friends that were affected by the constant cameras rolling along with the editing to meet the guidelines of the “job”. I ask myself quite often if I would do it all over again knowing what I know now. The answer still changes daily, LOL. I am proud of what we did and the content we captured. I am proud of the commitment I gave to YouTube (over 2500 vlogs in a row!).

In the same token, I am disappointed in the time I took away from my family to be “ErikTV365”. I put my all into being “ErikTV365” and being a creator for YouTube only to never get that moment of recognition which led to disappointment and less motivation to appease YouTube. This is not meant to be a pity-party post but simply a backstory to the conversation.

Moving into this year we made huge changes to our channel including no longer daily vlogging, no longer posting the monotonous daily activities of a normal family, and just trying to be more of a family and not being concerned with capturing footage to post on YouTube for views and clicks.

With the break we took in content, it allowed me to focus on my mental health and our family life. I learned more about my constant battles with depression and the triggers that set me off, I saw that my wife was not a fan of being on YouTube everyday and feeling like she had to put on a persona to make me happy about the footage we captured, and I noticed that my boys wanted to be kids instead of “family vloggers”.

Now, I am feeling like I am refreshed and would love to do a weekly family vlog that is not forced happiness but real happiness. I would love to make content for my kids that they enjoy making. I am already capturing the highlights of their baseball youth and they both enjoy looking back on the footage. There are moments that happen and our family as a whole would love to share with you all; however, we now get to my point of this long post ๐Ÿ™‚

YouTube, what have we done to deserve this? YouTube, why can’t we just be us? YouTube, we have reached out many times about our channel and never get help… we have been a part of YouTube for over 8 years and welcomed over 35k subscribers to our community only to get responses that are copy paste solutions that do not apply or copy paste answers that do not apply to us.

We are aware of the “Family Vlogger” issues in the community and for channels under 100k subscribers or even under 5k views, there is NO WAY to build a community with the comments section being turned off. I have said over and over that I will moderate my own comments and I have for the most part over the 8 years done a good job of that. I am not asking to turn on the comments of the old vlogs; I am simply asking to be able to allow comments on new videos posted so that our community can feel like a part of our community again. No interaction kills channels like ours. No Interaction equals no promoted videos/similar videos section, no searchability and the video dies slowly.

Our channel consistently had 250k+ views monthly to barely breaking 50k with the algorithm changes. The content changed once the algorithms changed. When we were at our peaks (well over 350k+ views), the content was more “vlogish” and I understand that; however, as the algorithms changed which made it more difficult on our channel, the content changed and the views were still similar. It wasn’t until we had a content strike (which was false btw) that we noticed our channel be in a somewhat “blacklisted” state. Notifications were not being sent consistently and our seachability fell off a cliff.

We simply want our channel to survive and be able to move forward. We want to bring back a piece of our family and keep showing the baseball footage we get along with the family fun stuff. We want to have our community blossom and without the help from YouTube, I just do not see that happening. I will keep our channel as is and one day, hopefully not too long from now, be able to move it forward to 100k+ world of YouTube creators. I will always be me and my family will always be my family!

If this made any sense to you as a community member, please share this to anyone you know involved with YouTube. YouTube, let the creators have their power back.

Thanks for listening, feel free to chat here or reach out to me on Twitter at ErikTV365.

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