Updates to the Site

Over the next few months I will be introducing many new changes to our site.

Mainly, I will be posting more often for sure and not going into months and months of nothingness!

I plan on launching a newsletter for our fans to sign up to which will send out one monthly newsletter to provide updates on everything ErikTV365. This way if you need a break from the everyday stuff, you can still follow along with what we are doing and not fall too far behind 🙂

I have officially started using a Forums plugin here on the site which is in a testing phase to see if it will gain any traction or if its worthwhile to our viewers. Check it out in the navigation above (simply ‘Forums’). I will be looking for some moderators for this if it starts to take off.

We love having each and every one of you around and your support has kept the fires alive to keep producing good wholesome family content. Keep sharing and being a part of our family!

Love y’all


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