FYI, I have been slacking on this blog over the last few months. As with anything else in life, the more activity/response I receive from my efforts… the more I get amped up and engaged to take the ball and run so to speak.

Like Amy (@MomOfTheZillas) always tells me, if I want something bad enough then I need to push myself to get there. I love everything about being a family vlogger and having YouTube as my hobby, but eventually I would love for it to be my full time job and be able to support our family through all things included with the ErikTV365 brand.

The Goal of my channel has always been about happiness and surviving cancer AND above all else creating memories for my family to enjoy. My commitment to that has not waivered for more than 2100 days in a row! Over these last few months that I have been slacking here on the Blog, I have seen a huge increase in subscribers and views on our YouTube channel. WE are loving the growth and the commitment we have seen from our loyal viewers.

In short, I just wanted to say THANKS and we are truly thankful for all the support!

P.S. Erik, when you read this… remember to always push yourself to achieve your dreams! AND be sure to spend some “cuddle time” with Amy!

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