2k DV Club

We made it to the 2kDV Club!

The list of Daily Vloggers who have made it to two thousand days in a row is very short. I wanted to create this list to show my respect for all of the hard work and commitment that each of the #2kDVClub members has shown in reaching that many consecutive daily vlogs.

When I first started this journey of documenting my daily life, I never could have imagined that I would have been able to reach this many consecutive days of vlogs.

I only wanted to complete “One Orbit” to show myself that I could do it. After that first year was complete, I decided to push myself for another year and then another after that and so on and so forth.

On this day, Tuesday, December 22, 20015 I can officially say, “I am on DAY 2000 of our Daily Vlog!”

Creating daily videos has simply become part of my existence. I need it like I need to breath air into my lungs. The joy of creating happiness for my family and for others to share with their friends and family is so uplifting. I take pride in the commitment and the journey that has led me to this accomplishment.

I want to take a moment to thank two YouTubers in particular that gave me the idea to film everyday. Thanks to Shay Butler and Charles Trippy, you two are AMAZEBROS!

Now onto the Club! (These Creators are in no particular order.)

The 2k Daily Vlog Club (#2kDVClub)

Be sure to show each one of these club members some respect by clicking on their channels and letting them know they made it to the exclusive 2kDVClub! If you’re not already, I would hit that subscribe button and be prepared to enjoy life from someone else’s perspective. Tell them you found them from ErikTV365.com!

Charles Trippy holds the Guinness World Record for consecutive daily vlogs.

About section from YouTube
I have been making videos EVERY DAY for the past SEVEN years here on this channel! Guess what?! We are on year SEVEN! Everyday, without missing one day!! In fact, we hold the Guinness World Record for the longest consecutive daily vlog!! 🙂

Tim and Jenn have an insane amount of fun at Universal and Disney!

About section from YouTube
Want you to be my friend! Also, let’s have a mustache growing contest!

The longest running UK vloggers!

About section from YouTube
When Jonathan Joly married Anna Saccone they both decided that instead of Anna dropping her family name they would both take each others name and join them together.


About section from YouTube
My name is Stephen Georg, and you’re watching my life. Subscribe for daily vlogs!


About section from YouTube
We are a family documenting our daily lives every day for four years now. Join us, Mike, Holly, Alex, Chelsea, and Eddie (he’s a dog) and watch as we experience life and it’s memorable moments.We also like to play with toys! You can watch toy reviews on new and old stuff.

Lane and Krista – TheFunnyrats/LaneVid

About section from YouTube
Welcome to TheFunnyrats Family Vlog. Our family loves to travel and be together! We’re a crazy, fun-loving, family vlog who turns on a camera everyday to make a family video for YouTube to make you smile. We have been doing it since 2009! We WILL make you smile … That’s our job!

The Best Daily Vlogger!

About section from YouTube
Family Daily Vloggers from Houston, TX. I am a CANCER SURVIVOR dedicated to spreading Happiness through our daily vlogs! I am committed to VLOGGING forever. Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE to our family to join in on the happiness we share with each other


About section from YouTube
I’m a Full Time Professional Voiceover that makes a vlog every single day!!! I saw some awesome people vlogging their lives and thought “THIS IS AWESOME”. So on the 26th January 2011, I uploaded my first ever daily vlog.

Want to help this list grow?

Notify @ErikTV365 if you find someone that belongs on this list. Share this post on all of your social networks. Lets find more members that should be here in the #2kDVClub.

Membership rules will be included below:

Rules for becoming a 2kDV Club* member:

1) Create a video everyday for a minimum of two thousand days.

2) Days must be filmed in consecutive order. No Skipping/No Make Ups.

3) Uploads can occur at any frequency as long as rules 1 and 2 are met.

4) There are no required time lengths on the videos.

5) Videos must be in a Vlog format. (NON Gaming, Beauty, Cooking, etc. based)

6) No subscriber minimum requirements.

7) No view count minimum requirements.

8) Day counts may span across multiple channels owned by a single user.

* If you know of a creator that is not on this list that should be, please notify me so that I can amend if needed.