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I normally do not write about specific daily vlogs from our channel here since this is more of a blog to write about my thoughts on things in our world. This post shall be slightly different.

Over the past 5 years, many changes have occurred in our lives including vlogging styles and just every day activities in general. I have found myself lose some creative juices and noticed that our vlogs have become fairly redundant. We greet the kids in the morning, do some sort of task, pick the kids up from school, play baseball or create cakes, eat dinner then the end of night closing. Very redundant indeed.

My goal as many of you are aware is to eventually use this entity (“ErikTV365”) as a financial means for our family that can sustain our current living arrangements including our entertainment.

Now with all of that said, I am ready to take a long look in the mirror and also a very close look at my genre within YouTube (“Daily Vlogger”) and spend the time needed to create a better product. My normal edits during this past 2 years or so consist of about 25 to 45 minutes of my time with minor edits and overlays added in. My new plan is to spend at a minimum, an hour and a half to two hours of fine combing and looking for more creative ways to share our happiness to you all. I plan on researching other vloggers and looking for ways to improve our content or even the ways that we shoot our vlogs.

Look for many changes to begin occurring over the next few months within our vlogs and always share your thoughts and ideas via the comment section on each vlog. Thank you for taking the time to read this and I look forward to “Upping” our game on YouTube.

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And now I present to you the first step in our new experience:

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  • Good Morning Erik,

    First off I 100% agree with everything you stated in this blog. I have been vlogging for over 5 years. Today I found your channel through I am stoked that I did. I am always looking for new people to follow and collab with and talk to and get to know. I completely understand the day to day mundane get up feed the kids,go to work come home and then close out the vlog. I am determined as well to change things up. Putting silly things the kids do in the vlogs. Letting them vlog and whatever happens happens. Thank you from the bottom of my hear for being such a awesome person and vlogger and sharing your life with me and my family. Stay Crazy.

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