Tracking our growth on YouTube

I have had many viewers ask about tracking statistics on social sites and what we use to keep up with ours. I have had a few subscribers even go as far as to unsubscribe and resubscribe in the past so they could see if the numbers changed. (Note- PLEASE do NOT do this)

Our channel is linked in the navigation above or you can click this link to check out our daily vlogs.

There is a much easier method for checking up on our stats or any other YouTuber out there. Simply, go to and enter the username of the user you are wanting to keep up with.

Our direct link is:

SocialBlade offers an even cooler method to track LIVE subscriber counts. You can see the up to the minute subscriber count by clicking on the Live Statistics menu item below the channel banner.

The direct link to ours is here:

This site is run by a very good friend of ours, Jason Urgo, who has been with us on our entire journey on YouTube! I am astounded by all the efforts he and his team have gone through to make tracking statistics so much easier for all of us.

Feel free to give SocialBlade a follow on Twitter as well at @SocialBlade to keep up with the latest info on the site.

Hope this little nugget of wisdom helps you out.