10,000 Subscribers DARE!

We have decided to do a Viewer’s Choice DARE when we hit 10k subscribers. We came up with 3 options for our viewers to choose from as listed below:

  • Option A) Erik will create a UNIBROW on his face and keep it on for an entire day while the family goes about a normal Saturday or Sunday. We look forward to going out in public and having a blast!
  • Option B) Amy will let the boys do her makeup on a Saturday or a Sunday and then as a family we will go out and do some shopping.
  • Option C) The boys will do a random selection ‘Eat It or Wear It’ challenge. They will have to blindly select an ‘Eat It’ or ‘Wear It’ selection from a hat with all of the options.

We may refine this a bit (to make it more fun) but we want to make sure that our viewers are the ones selecting what we do and that EVERYONE has a good laugh while helping us get to our goal of 10k Subscribers before the end of the year.

Watch the vlog below to see what we were doing when we chose the options!

Which Dare will we do when we reach 10k Subscriber's?

  • Option B - Amy's Dare (44%, 91 Votes)
  • Option C - The Boys Dare (40%, 83 Votes)
  • Option A - Erik's Dare (16%, 34 Votes)

Total Voters: 208

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  • Hey erik I love your vids and I really hope one day you go far in youtube and get 500,000 SUBSCRIBERS I hope to be a part of that journey and help you by liking your vids telling my friends about them and sharing them to other youtuber and Jacob great job in baseball and Zander hope you do well this season so erik I love your vids and if read this comment and like it so much can you put it into the video that would be pretty cool

    • Thanks! We are thankful for each and everyone of our subscribers and hopefully we can all look back and remember where we started from. We enjoy creating daily videos because it allows us to see all of the good times we have had in this life.

  • Hey Erik I haven’t talk to you in while but your vlogs keep me going everyday. I can’t wait for you guys to get to 10k and I’m sorry I stop commenting on your videos

    • No worries! We will always be here and we always read comments… whenever you choose to write them 🙂

  • Hey Erik, Amy, Xander, and Jakhub im so srry if i spelt your name wrong i think i might of dang it. Anyways i got side tract AS USUAL… lol so i just wanna say your family is the highlight of my days. My favorite vlogs are baseball vlogs. Well actually just any sport. I love watching your boys play. I know you do to. Please tell jakhub and xander i said hi and amy too….thx Erik….. love your #1 fan isabella aka bella <3

  • thank you for all ur vlogs you are very special too me

  • I dare all of you to do the hit the quan dance

  • You guys are one of my favorite youtubers I live in Missouri and I HOPE to meet you one day SMILE MORE 😀

  • Hey Erik I vote for amy 🙂

  • luella aka countryscare on Twitter

    OMG,,I love your family,,,,the Emoji video was hilarious and when you farted on poor Amy lol,,,,oh and thanks for the christmas card. love you guys!!

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